Tangible Memory: 3D Printing Photography

This work is a transformative piece, turning a personal family photo into something three-dimensional.

In the process of creating this tactile photograph, it was initially modeled after a photo of myself, and my sister, together. This selfie was then re-modelled in the software Rhino3D to prepare it for 3D printing.

For translation, the braille on the back of the model translates to “This is a picture of the artist, Alessia, and her younger sister, Siena, side by side. They are taking a selfie with a strawberry cake.” I felt this was appropriate to add as a succinct description of the piece for anyone who has a visual impairment, since the thought process behind this work was inspired by articles such as this one.

There is also braille on the phone which simply reads ‘phone’ (as it had to account for the size of the piece). This was added because it initially isn’t in the frame (as the photo is a selfie) but it allows for the viewer to get an idea of the original perspective of the photograph based on the position and angle of the phone.

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