Sound Biomes - Virtual Soundscapes

Sound Biomes is an augmented reality app that allows the user to create their own sound-environments within their physical space through the placement of different island biomes.

Using this app, the user can change their physical environment by superimposing their digital environment over it. Some individuals may find this calming, or fun to engage with the world in this way; ultimately it is a juxtaposition of the digital and physical environments.

While many AR and VR experiences have physical spaces tailored to their needs, this app strives to use the digital environment to tailor the physical one, rather than need to change the physical environment itself.

Each biome has its own soundtrack - the user creates their own auditory environment by placing their selected biomes down. As these islands float and occupy any point the user chooses, the audio will also change due to distance; the further an island biome is, the quieter it will be, and vice versa.

The user can control this audio creation in one of two ways:

1.The slider provided in the left side of the app determines the biome height from the tap point; the higher up the slider is pushed, the higher the biome will be in the air.

2. Biome type is determined by the bottom slider, where the user can choose from one of the four islands to put down at any time. Each biome has a looping audio track that strives to embody the look of each place.

At any point, the user can choose to refresh their scene, and start a new soundscape creation of their making.

This piece was created using C# in Unity as the engine, as well as ARCore to build for supported devices.

The team responsible for bringing together this project are:

  • Alessia Ianni-Palarchio – Project Manager, Creative Director, and Unity Programmer
  • Ethan – UI Designer
  • Jacob Cram – 3D Modeller and blender expert
  • Janelle Sookhai – Graphic Designer
  • Quinn Shoreman – Audio Designer and Sound Expert

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