Rocket Man - Musical Retro Gaming

Rocket Man is a 2-D platformer that utilizes sound as an integral gameplay component. The player shoots at enemy ships using musical notes that correspond to the attacking spaceship. The player does this by moving back and forward on the “Keytana”, a floating keyboard with different keys. Inspired by retro shooting games like Galaga, this puts a modern twist on the classic genre.

The core gameplay of Rocket Man revolves around the player controlling the “Keytana” and shooting at enemy ships using different notes. To fire the notes, the player must manoeuvre the cannon that floats above the Keytana into place below a desired enemy by using the lever provided. The player must then move across the Keytana to press the correct key, successfully eliminating the enemy.

The attacks are entirely centered on sound. The enemy ships emit a note, which the player must then match with their attacking note. If the player selects the wrong note to attack with, the enemy ship will speed up when hit. If the player matches the note being heard from the attacking ship, then the ship will be destroyed.

By successfully destroying enemy ships, the player earns points, which are displayed on the top right corner of the screen. If ships pass the player by or hit the player’s cannon, then points are deducted.

The game also has visual reinforcement for the player’s performance. If the player starts to perform poorly within the game, the colours of the game become duller, and steadily decrease until they reach a grey scale, which indicates the loss of the game. The game has a fixed win scenario when the player hits 50 points. If the player suffers too many hits or missed enemy ships, the player will lose.

The game was programmed by Zack Hamilton in Construct2. Art assets were created using Photoshop.

The team responsible for bringing together this project are:

  • Alessia Ianni-Palarchio – Project Manager, Creative Director, Interaction Designer, Documentation, and Digital Artist
  • Zack Hamilton – Programmer, Troubleshooting, and Audio Creator
  • Miranda Madden – Story, Game Design Documents, Documentation
  • Caroline Poon – Touch-up Artist
  • Do Park - Troubleshooting

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