Soothing Rain: Conceptualizing the Music Player into Art

Soothing Rain is an experimental piece that was inspired by the app Strange Rain. While Strange Rain brings to the viewer a rainy day, Soothing Rain differs in that it is an attempt to re-imagine the music player.

To watch without commentary, skip to 2:11 in the video below.

While players such as iTunes do have visualizers, they are often quite abstract elements. Soothing Rain instead sets the music in a time and place - on a rainy day, with the viewer getting to look out the window and watch the weather.

Everything about the piece was meant to evoke a sense of familiarity and home. There is even the option to shut the music off entirely and just listen to the rain falling. Ideally, next steps would be to allow the user to add their own songs, rather than just use my presets.

This piece was created using Processing3 for the programming. Images and animation were both done in Photoshop.

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