Popularity and Price - The Rise of Quinoa as a Superfood

This project visualized the correlation between internet attention to a product, and the production of it. In this case, that was the fad food of Quinoa. While large numbers are difficult to picture, visualizations help make them much easier to percieve in just how much (or little) they differ from one another.

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I got to write about this project in a blog post for Project X Ltd!

This project strove to visualize information gathered about the food product to visualize it in a way that was both interesting and undertsandable. The bar graph itself measures annual overall production, while each of the line graphs breaks up this production by major producers to show how their individual production influenced the whole of the graph.

While the height of each bar shows the amount being produced, the colour of each bar is depicting the price per tonne of quinoa. Even with the increased supply, there is also an increase in cost.

Mirrored from this is a dot chart; this dot chart represents every web hit for the term 'quinoa' in Google's search engine. Likewise here,there is a positive correlation - popularity, as measured by search hit results, does also go up similarly to the production and cost.

This final infographic visualization of the data was completed in Adobe Illustrator.

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