Exploration One - In/Out: Documenting the World Through Photogrammetry

In/Out explores life through the lense of photogrammetry. Passing through a digital space, it's brought back into the real world in a changed form through augmented reality, in a strange juxtaposition of the difference spaces we occupy in our day to day lives.

This exploration was created through the use of photogrammetry and augmented reality. Taking hundreds of photos of objects that appear in day to day life, these were compiled into 3D models to created all the assets for this project.

The final composite model is a combination of all the models, flipped to how they would be in real life. Indoor object adorn the outside of the box, and outdoor objects and scenery are contained to the inside of the box, as a contrast to the norm.

Reality is broken a second time as the model is re-established in the real world, creating a virtual replica of the objects and giving it a presence in a physical space again. This is done though the use of Vuforia and Unity to use a 2D photo of the 3D model as the anchor to the real world. Viewing the photo through a digital lense gives it 3D form again, playing on the notion of what is and is not the 'real' version of it.

The team responsible for bringing together this project are:

  • Alessia Ianni-Palarchio - Photographer, photo-stitching, Unity programmer and debugging
  • Jacob Cram - Photographer and Blender compositor
  • Ethan Tennier-Stuart - Photographer
  • Janelle Sookhai - Photographer and photo-stitching
  • Quinn Shoreman - Photographer

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