Exploration Four - Home: Combining Geographies Through Audio

Entitled Home, this piece takes audio from the two places considered home for myself. With family here in Canada, and overseas in Italy, I wanted to incorporate audio from both places into a final piece. The audio is partly recorded on a mobile phone, and partly stripped from videos I’d taken, to create this piece.

Considering how tech-oriented my family can be at times, it only made sense to include that aspect, and contrast the more ‘natural’ sounds with the technological sounding ones. As well, with the time I’ve spent with family members enjoying or playing music, it only felt appropriate to include such a section.

The music is broken out into ‘sections’ and has an up and down flow between main piece, and an interval break between that and the next section. Each brings forth a slightly different listening experience, going from exceedingly technological sounding to something more organic. Those organic sounds have still be edited to create a surreal sounding piece however, and a big help to this was being able to run through it backwards before amplification.

Rather than stick to one block of tension and relief in the music, there is an ebb and flow that permeates the piece, through the breaks of quiet in the music as it crescendos and falls. This was to embody the sound of life, which continues forwards in its ups and downs.

This project was created using a combination of Adobe Audition and REAPER.

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