Exploration Three - We See : Interacting With the Human Gaze

We See is a study on the human gaze, and the connection with human movement. Movement is a life, as much as it is an observance in our day to day lives.

A note that this was built to work in Chrome; since autoplay settings have changed isince this was created, you may need to click on the page once for this to work.

This project requires access to your camera/webcam.

This video is a working demo of the project. When the viewer tries to watch the video directly, it will stop playing; when the viewer looks away, or hides their face in some manner, the video continues to play.

We See has two different 'human' elements represented in it; human movement and growth, and human observation. The former was done through depth capture, and the later through the use of computer vision.

The creation of the city's motion was done through depth capture. Recording a human subject using a Kinect, the depth of the movement was then used to move the rise and fall of the city. Built around human movement and life, it seemed like the perfect rippling motion that held the life of the city in it.

The second human element is in the conceptulization of surveillance and watchfulness. The human gaze becomes a conscious action while trying to view the final piece. Using computer vision to detect when someone is looking directly at the webpage, the video will stop playing whenever it detects that face. Should someone want to watch this organic growth,they must be discreet about watching, and view it from an angle, or in a way that hides their face.

This video is a clean cut of the animation, without the stoppages shown in the demo, and with the audio left in.

This piece was created using the P5 library for the web. The original proof of concept was done using Processing3. Both make use of the OpenCV library.

The team responsible for bringing together this project are:

  • Alessia Ianni-Palarchio – Project Manager, Documentation, Processing3 programming, and web programming
  • Janelle Sookhai - Capture Model
  • Jacob Cram - 3D Modelling and Rendering
  • Ethan Tennier-Stuart - 3D Modelling and Rendering

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