Bad Day - An Exploratory 360° Film

Bad Day is a short, 360° VR film, about one person's exceedingly bad day. It is created with the intention to frustrate the viewer and cause them dismay as they must observe the events of the situation unfolding. Put in the shoes of an individual after a long day, their dreams reveal what it was about their day that was so terrible, and what makes them yearn to escape from it.

This project was featured at the Digital Futures Open Show 2018!

This video can be clicked and turned to view the full 360 sphere filmed, and it is encouraged to view the full story.

Initially the prompt for this defined that its creation should be done with 360-degree video; due to the nature of being able to see in all directions that comes with the medium, the storyboarding plan helped ensure that the entire space was used, rather than leaving only one interesting view of the scene. The idea that sprung from it was that the viewer shouldn’t have to remain in a static position the entire time they experience the film, looking onto the action, but rather should rather get the chance to become the center of it, and thus, Bad Day was born.

Interspersed with the filming are digitally created elements to create a visible divide for the viewer to observe and contemplate what is and is not the reality of the situation presented as they experience the day. While it can be viewed in a regular video player, it is ideal to watch using a headset, so that the viewer comes to take the position of our main character, rather than be a passive onlooker, as intended.

The team responsible for bringing together this project are:

  • Alessia Ianni-Palarchio - Actor/tripod, video stitching, and documentation
  • David Rh - Audio recording, audio technician
  • Ethan Tennier-Stuart - Storyboarding, video editing
  • Hugh Ritchie - Audio editor, renderer, troubleshooting
  • Thomas Feng - Documentation

Thanks to Obaid Quraishi for letting us film in his car, and Janelle Sookhai for letting us film in her home!

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