Night and Day - Personal Experience Mapping

Night and Day is a personal, visual representation of daily life. With a font restriction on the prompt this rose out of, as well as a restriction to only use geometric shapes, this project was born.

Project X Ltd. Blog
I got to write about this project in a blog post for Project X Ltd!

The visualization is meant to be read both ways, the image turning around to represent a 12 hour block. The first block, under AM, goes from 12AM to 12PM, and flipping the graphic upside-down will be the journey back from 12PM to 12AM again. This is further divided by the colour blocking, to show which of these hours are in daylight, and which are in the darkness of night.

At each point in the day, overall mood is simply broken up into happy, neutral, or a less than happy state; sad wouldn't be appropriate to use here, as it is jut a representor of the lowest points in the day.

Distance travelled at each point in the day is displayed based on outward line length from the center spoke. These too are measured hourly, and the longer the line, the longer the travel distance at that point in time.

To work with the font and shape limits imposed in the prompt of this project, wingdings were chosen as one of the fonts, to allow for small pictograms representing approximately the task at that point in the day.

This final infographic visualization was completed in Adobe Illustrator.

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