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Fangs and Friends
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A co-op, environmental puzzle game. Two unlikely allies, a vampire, and a mage, must work together to escape their imprisonment.

Fangs and Friends is a puzzle game focused on asynchronous gameplay in environmental manipulation. It won Best Overall Game, Distinction in Game Art and the 2nd place People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Level Up Showcase.

My roles: Producer, Level Designer, Narrative Technical Designer

Made in collaboration with: Anisha Rohra, Erika Davis, Jacob Rosenberg, Martin Briand, Pablo Gonzalez, and Tonya-Leigh Escalante

Derelict Spire
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A single player exploration game set in a secluded, abandoned port village.

This level was created as a vertical slice that demonstrated a grappling hook mechanic, and focused on environmental storytelling. The landscape is heavily inspired by the village of Tropea, Calabria, in Italy.

My roles: Level Designer, Programmer

Made in collaboration with Beau McGhee, and Jude Pinto

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A soft-boiled, noir investigative game about an egg, some birds, and one big question. Which came first?

Eggsistential is a short walking-sim that borrows from the noir visual aesthetic to set the tone for our protagonist as they explore their town.

My roles: Programmer, Technical Narrative Designer, Level Design

Made in collaboration with Kaitlin McLain

Kindred Souls
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A short visual novel about long-distance relationships, and human connection.

Kindred Souls explores themes of destiny, and the concept of soulmates in a low-stakes story. Spend an evening at home, and talk to a special someone in your life.

This was a solo project.